SGP film

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Project Description

Thickness 0.76mm 0.89mm 1.52mm 2.28mm
Width (mm) 800-2200 800-2200 800-2200 800-2200
Length(m) 200 200 customize as request customize as request
Tearing strength (ASTM D-638) 49MJ/㎡ 49MJ/㎡ 49MJ/㎡ 49MJ/㎡
Tensile strength (ASTM D-638) 33.9Mpa  33.9Mpa  33.9Mpa  33.9Mpa
Elongation at break (ASTM-412) 385%  385% 385% 385%
UV barrier (GB15763.3-2009) 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Rate of water content (SH/T1770-2010) <0.1%  <0.1%  <0.1%  <0.1%
Melting point (ASTM D-1929) 470℃  470℃  470℃  470℃
Yellow index (JC/T 2166-2013) <1.5  <1.5  <1.5  <1.5

Huakai SGP is viscoelastic material, it increases security by providing 5 times stronger and 100 times more rigid than traditional PVB of conventional laminated glass. SGP laminated glass has the same bending strength with equivalent thickness glass, it can reduce the thickness of the laminated glass effectively.  Recommended for use in all-glass guardrails, all-glass entry systems and exposed edged applications. Also used for impact rated glass applications.

transmittance 92%

Laminated with HUAKAI SGP interlayer, glass makes a great safety and design material. HUAKAI SGP film is composed of a tough plastic interlayer composite that is laminated between two layers of tempered glass. The intrusion-resistant side window laminated glass provides four key benefits including security, safety, solar (ultraviolet) protection, sound reduction and dampening. Security in explosion–Due to the upgarde of terrorist action, a new standard to avoid accidents damage should enforce. With a 230mm thickness of SGP laminated  glass successes against the 200kpa(as 30psi) pressure of explosion.  Security in hurricane— The weakest link in glass is the inclusion of fragments and the pressure of wind. However, the laminated glass with SGP makes a good performance in here.