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Project Description

Thickness 0.38mm
Width (mm) 800~2440
Length(m) 100
Haze(%) <0.3
Boiling Test(2 hrs into 100℃ water) 4.5mm glass + 0.76mm EVA +4.5mm glass
UV Filtering GB/T 2680
Water Absorption GB/T 1034:2008
Tensile strength GB/T 528-2009
Ball Impact Peeling Resistance GB-15763.3-2009
Pendulum Resistance ENISO 12543-2-1998


Huakai Color EVA film provide you completely traditional colours ,from transparent to translucent , to opaque , Including red, blue ,grey, tea , green ,orange . Using together With our featured product jade white eva film , it will be come out more special colors. Moreover, we can make special colour as customer’s request .

transmittance 90%

Laminated with HUAKAI EVA interlayer, glass makes a great safety and design material. Extremely strong and highly adhesive, our EVA film absorbs impact energy and keeps together shattered glass fragments. Unlike many plastics or resins, HUAKAI EVA interlayer is unaffected by the ultraviolet (UV) component in sunlight, thus remaining stable in the long term, without losing its beautiful colors. Better, it blocks UV transmittance, keeping building occupants and objects safe from potentially damaging rays and significantly reduces the noise level in busy environments. Available in a range of clear, white, colored and sound proof products, HUAKAI EVA interlayer is used by glass laminators to produce attractive and durable laminated safety glass for architectural applications.